18. mai 2008

North Berwick and Glasgow

From the harbour in North Berwick


Hairy church
Tor on North Berwick Law

This building were once used by lookouts in the Napoleonic Wars

Beach in front of the Bass Rock

River Clyde

World's longest sofa...

Gallery of Modern Art

From The Lighthouse

Vebjørn and Håkon

Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

15. mai 2008

Cramond by bike

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Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden

Silverknowes Esplanade


River Almond

Cycle path (old railway)

14. mai 2008

Dagny & Kevin + Pentlands by bike

Dagny and Kevin.

Edinburgh Castle.

View from Edinburgh's Sir Walter Scott Monument

View Larger Map Holyrood park and Arthur's Seat.

Craigmillar Castle

Towards Royal Observatory and Arthur's Seat from Braid Hills Drive.

Common Gorse / Gulltorn / Ulex europaeus (Thanks mum!)

View from Braid Hills.

Braid Hills Gold Course

Union Canal

Dynamic Earth in front of Salisbury Crags